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Treasures from the Sea: Savoring Delicious Seafood for Chinese New Year (English)

Jan 18,2024 | U Fresh Deals


As Chinese New Year approaches, let's explore the stories behind some beloved seafood dishes and why they're favored during the festive season. This festival is not only a celebration of reunion but also a time to express hopes for luck and prosperity in the coming year through special foods.

Abalone - 鲍鱼: Assurance of Surplus

Abalone holds a special place on the Lunar New Year table due to its meaningful price and significance. In both Cantonese and Mandarin, it is called "bao yu" (鲍鱼), which sounds like "assurance" and "surplus." Combine those words, and you get a pronunciation that roughly translates to "assurance of surplus." It's a delightful culinary nod to abundance and prosperity!

Sea Cucumber - 海参: Symbol of Wealth and Health

Sea cucumber symbolizes wealth and health in Chinese culture. Its unique texture and high nutritional value make it an indispensable part of the New Year celebrations. The name of sea cucumber in Chinese is a homophone for "rising high," symbolizing career advancement and wealth accumulation.

Prawns - 虾: Laughter and Happiness

In Chinese, the word for prawns is similar in pronunciation to the word for "laughter," representing joy and happiness. During the New Year, consuming prawns symbolizes happiness and good fortune throughout the year. The delicious taste and versatile cooking methods of prawns also add endless joy to the festive table.

Chinese Pomfret - 斗鲳: A Festive Favorite

Chinese pomfret is highly favored during the New Year for its delicate flavor and nutritional value. In Chinese, "pomfret" is a homophone for "always," symbolizing enduring good luck and happiness. It's an ideal choice for family gatherings during the festival, being both delicious and auspicious.


Oysters - 牡蛎: Pearls of Good Fortune

Oysters represent good luck and prosperity on the Chinese New Year's table. Seen as pearls of the sea, they symbolize wealth and abundance. The rich flavor and versatility in cooking make oysters a perfect choice for celebrating the New Year.

扇贝: Opening New Horizons

Scallops are known for their tender texture and sweet taste. In Chinese culture, they symbolize opening new horizons and opportunities. Scallops not only add flavor to the New Year's feast but also signify welcoming new successes and opportunities in the coming year.


As we celebrate Chinese New Year together, these seafood dishes add not just rich flavors to our festive table but also bring cultural significance and auspicious wishes. May these delicious delicacies accompany you through a prosperous and joyous New Year!

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